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Our Values

Leadership SAISD abides by its core values. From community events to board meetings, strategic planning to curriculum development, our core values inform every aspect of our organization.


We Place Kids First 

We constantly ground our conversation on how our work directly impacts the kids and the families in our community. 

We Learn Continuously 

We understand the educational system is complex. We operate with curiosity and inquiry to evaluate the possibilities to innovate and improve. 

We Pursue Equity

We analyze our current individual and institutional practices, structures, and policies to evaluate educational equity for all children and pursue change when equity is nonexistent. 

We Collaborate

We honor and respect all voices as we ideate what is possible for kids and their families in our community. 

We Strengthen Community

We assume and share responsibility for our collective strength by developing relationships, building diverse and inclusive coalitions, and challenging one another to be our best. We act with empathy and extend grace to ourselves and others. 

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